MDSO-LA Technical specifications

Digital oscilloscope
Analog channels: 2
Max. sample rate: 48MS/sec.
Bandwitch: 20MHz
Vertical resolution: 8-bitů
Horizontal ranges: 10mV - 5V (probe x1)
DC Accuracy: ± 3%
Coupling: DC
Input impedance: 1M ohm || 25pF
Memory depth: 10K ~ 1M samples/channel
Modes: X, Y-T, X-Y
Trigger modes: Auto, Normal a Signal
Trigger types: Náběžná hrana, závěrná hrana
Trigger source: CH1, CH2
Timebase range: 10ns-1s
Voltage base range: 10mV-5V(sonda 1x)
Input protection: diode, 50Vpk
Automated measurements: YES
Integrated spectral analysis (FFT): YES
Logic Analyzer
Digital channels: 16
Sample frequency: 250K~24M Hz
(depends on speed of the host PC)
Memory depth: 10MS - 500MS (software MultiVir Analyzer)
1MB - 10TB (software Saleae Logic)
Protocol Analyzer/ Decoder (software Saleae Logic): SPI, I2C, CAN, UART, I2S/PCM, DMX-512, Manchester, 1-WIRE, UNI/O, Simple Parallel
Data recorder
Input impedance: 1MΩ || 25pF
Coupling: DC
Sampling frequency: 250KHz ~ 24MHz
(depends on speed of the host PC)
Max. save file size: 4GB
Max. save time: depends on sampling rate
General specifications
Interface: Universal Serial Bus (USB2.0,1.0)
Power supply: from USB interface
Dimmensions: 187 x100 x 33(mm)
Standard accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe (1:1 / 1:10), USB cable, logic analyzer wiring, 16ks logic analyzer clamps, user guide