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Measuring and testing devices

Signal generators

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Hantek DDS3005

Arbitrary waveform generator, frequency counter, digital I/O

Signal generators

Price: 315,- € without VAT

(382,- € including VAT)


DDS-3005 is USB Arbitrary Waveform Generator that has one channel of arbitrary waveform output, 8 Bits output, synchronized signal outputs, 8 Bits input and external trigger input. It also has two channels of frequency counter. One channel can handle DC to 25 MHz, and the second channel can work with 25 MHz to 2.7 GHz., Once the waveform is running, it can continue running without the PC.

Software application for DDS3005 device is easy to use, has an intuitive control and contains a many useful functions such as predefined waveforms, data import form different formats (TEK-Tektronix, xls, csv, etc.) and many others.. Software also offers editing the waveform arbitrarily by the mouse or choose the regular waveforms such as Sine, Square, Tri-angle, Saw-tooth, TTL, different types of noises, etc. The parameters, such as amplitude, frequency and offset, are also settable.

Supplied accessories: 1x oscilloscope probe 100MHZ (type PM-150), 1x profi cable BNC-BNC, CD-ROM with software and documentation, connecting USB cable, printed user guide.

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Hantek DSO3064A

Four channel oscilloscope 200MHz and arbitrary waveform generator

USB oscilloscopes - Signal generators

Price: 446,- € without VAT

(540,- € including VAT)


Professional 4-channel oscilloscope with 200MHz sampling frequency and 60MHz bandwidth combined with arbitrary function generator and frequency counter. at superb cost. With a connection to USB interface to the host PC this device provides powerful tool for general usage scope as for automotive diagnostic tool. Optionally the instrument should be equipped by Ethernet (LAN] or Wifi interface. Instrument dispose 8-bit vertical resolution and 16M samples of memory for each channel.

Arbitrary waveform generator offers output of waveforms with frequencies up to 25MHz (sine wave can deliver up to 75MHz) with 12-bit resolution and 4KS memory

Application for DSO3064 scope offers a lot of functions and settings for laboratory and operational measurement as well for automotive diagnostics (such as FFT analysis, autoset, mathematical operations, ignition measurements, lambda sensors measurements, etc.

Supplied accessories: 4 oscilloscope probes 60MHZ (type PM-80), 1x BNC-BNC cable, CD-ROM with software and documentation, USB cable, saddlebag Hantek, power supply adapter, printed user guide.

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Availibility:  2 weeks


Hantek DSO4202C

2 channel digital oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator

Digital oscilloscopes - Signal generators

Price: 499,- € without VAT

(604,- € including VAT)


Hantek DSO4202C is dual digital signal oscilloscope with 100MHz bandwidth and real time sample rate up to 1GS/sec combined with arbitrary waveform generator up to 25MHz. Device the device has maximum 1M memory depth provides 7'' color TFT LCD as well as WINDOWS-style interfaces and menus for easy operation.

Supplied accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe (1:1 / 1:10), CD-ROM with software and documentation, power cord, USB cable, user guide

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Availibility:  2 weeks


Hantek DSO8060

Two channel handheld oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and multimeter

Handheld oscilloscopes - Signal generators

Price: 507,- € without VAT

(613,- € including VAT)


DSO8060 is a five-in-one mobile laboratories: oscilloscope,arbitrary waveform generator, frequency counter, spectral analyzer and multimeter. Digital oscilloscope enables measuring of input signals with frequencies up to 60MHz bandwidth (sample rate 250MHz] with vertical resolution 8-bits. Arbitrary waveform generator offers 12-bits vertical resolution and output frequencies up to 25MHz (sine waveforms up to 75MHz). Integrated multimeter provides measuring AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and diode testing

Device is equipped by 5.7inch LCD display with LED back-light that enables clearly display of all measured signals and values. DSO8060 contains USB interface that enables connection to PC. To make possible to use the DSO1200 in filed measurements the device is equipped by chargeable battery.

Controlling of all device units is easy and intuitive and offers many functions such as spectral analysis (FFT), frequency counter, mathematical operations, saving measured signals into the device, etc.

excellent industrial design, parameters of all units a other functions makes this device ideal instrument for industry, test, service and laboratory measurements

Supplied accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe 200MHZ (type PM-250), 2x multimeter probes, 1x profi cable BNC-BNC, CD-ROM with software and documentation, power adapter,USB cable, printed user guide.

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Availibility:  2 weeks


Hantek HDG2082B

Arbitrary waveform generator

Signal generators

Price: 700,- € without VAT

(847,- € including VAT)


Hantek HDG2082B is a powewrfull arbitrary waveform generator providing 2 analog and 16 digital output channels. Generator sample rate is 250Ms/sec with 16-bits resolution and maximum waveform frequency is 80MHz. AWG generator offers 7'' LCD TFT display with resolution 800x480pixels. Size of the sample memory is 64MS.

Supplied accessories: BNC-BNC cable, USB cable, CD-ROM with software and documentation, power cord, user guide

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Availibility:  2 weeks


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