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Measuring and testing devices

Logic analyzers

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Multifunctional device MDSO-LA

USB oscilloscopes - Logic analyzers

Price: 142,- € without VAT

(172,- € including VAT)


MDSO/MDSO-LA dual-channel digital oscilloscope, with "low-cost, high-performance" as the design goals. well-designed bandwidth of 20M, 48M sampling rate, 2 channels, alternating support X, Y and XY alternating pattern of two-channel virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder. The MDSO-LA device support 24M logic analyzer, MDSO-LA device support Saleae Logic logic analyzer software, it’s support for SPI, IIC, UART 10 protocol analysis.

Standard accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe (1:1/1:10), 1x logic analyzer wiring, 16ks testing clips, CD-ROM with software and documentation, USB cable,user guide.

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Availibility:  2 weeks


Hantek LA5034

34-channel logic analyzer

Logic analyzers

Price: 169,- € without VAT

(205,- € including VAT)


LA5034 is a 34 channel USB based logic analyzer with sampling frequency up to 500MHz designed for test, diagnostics and analysis of digital signals in digital circuits. It has the features of the multi-channel oscilloscopes and other expensive bench type instruments. LA5034 offers advanced multi-level triggering, adjustable logic threshold from +6V to -6V, built-in 250MHz frequency counter.

Application for LA5034 is easy to use and offers many functions and settings such as interpreters for CAN, I2C, SPI and RS232 buses, intuitive and flexible displays to facilitate dynamic analysis, can transform the information, you can use the binary, decimal, hexadecimal or ASCII, etc.

Due to number of input channels, acquisition speed and other properties the LA5034 is very suitable for electronics engineers and college students in scientific research and development as for field measurements.


Supplied accessories:Input Probe (34 wires), precision Test Grippers, connecting USB cable, CD-ROM with software and documentation, printed user guide

Detailed description

Availibility:  2 weeks


XZL Studio DX

Multifunctional device XZL Studio DX

USB oscilloscopes - Logic analyzers

Price: 184,- € without VAT

(222,- € including VAT)


The XZL Studio DX is a large sample buffer USB based programmable multifunction digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyzer and digital signal generator in a single compact and easy to use device. The device offers 2-channel analog inputs for digital osciloscope, 16-channels logic analyzer and 16-channels for digital signal generator.

Connecting to your PC, the USBee DX Test Pod uses the power and speed of the USB 2.0 bus to capture and control analog and digital information from your own hardware designs.

The XZL Studio takes advantage of already existing PC resources by streaming data over the High-Speed USB 2.0 bus to and from the PC. This allows the device can utilize available PC memory as the sample buffer, allowing selectable sample depths from one to many hundreds of millions of samples.

XZL Studio DX device offers a wide range of functions such as multimeter, bus decoder (SPI, I2C, CANbus, USB, SMBus, etc.), frequency counter and many others.

For its parameters and affordable price this device is ideal bench tool for engineers, hobbyists and students.

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Availibility:  item is unavailable in the long term


Hantek 3062L

2-channel oscilloscope and 16-channel logic analyzer

USB oscilloscopes - Logic analyzers - Car diagnostics

Price: 364,- € without VAT

(440,- € including VAT)


DSO3062L is a multifunctional tesitng device that combines 2 channel oscilloscope, 16 channel logic analyzer, spectral analyzer and frequency counter for unmatched price.

Oscilloscope offers 200MS/s. sample rate with 60MHz bandwidth and memory depth up to 16MS.

16-bit Logic analyzer enables digital waveforms measurements with bandwith 10MHz {maximum sample rate 100MHz) and memory depth up to 68MS for each channel.

Device is Plug and Play USB connected or can be connected by Ethernet (LAN) / Wifi interface (optional).

Supplied accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe, 1x cable for logic analyzer inputs, 16x testing clips, USB cable, Hantek saddlebag Hantek, power supply adapter, printed user guide.

Detailed description

Availibility:  2 weeks


Hantek MSO5202D

2 channel digital oscilloscope and 16-bit logic analyzer

Digital oscilloscopes - Logic analyzers

Price: 539,- € without VAT

(652,- € including VAT)


Hantek MSO5202D is dual channel digital oscilloscope with 200MHz bandwidth and real time sample rate up to 1GS/sec. In addition, the device has maximum 1M memory depth for better observation of the waveform details, and 7 inch color TFT LCD as well as WINDOWS-style interfaces and menus for easy operation.

Supplied accessories: 2x oscilloscope probe (1:1 / 1:10), CD-ROM with software and documentation, power cord, USB cable, user guide

Detailed description

Availibility:  2 weeks


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