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USB oscilloscopes


Multifunctional testing device

Intrustar MDSO-LA

MDSO/MDSO-LA dual-channel digital oscilloscope, with "low-cost, high-performance" as the design goals. well-designed bandwidth of 20M, 48M sampling rate, 2 channels, alternating support X, Y and XY alternating pattern of two-channel virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder. The MDSO-LA device support 24M logic analyzer, MDSO-LA device support Saleae Logic logic analyzer software, it's support for SPI, IIC, UART, etc. protocol analysis.


  • Dual channel oscilloscope with 48MS/sec sample rate and 20MHz bandwidth
  • 16-bit logic analyzer
  • Bus analyzer / decoder: SPI, I2C, CAN bus, etc..
  • Sample memory up to 1MS
  • Posible usage as data recorder
  • Support any multi-screen display, Easy to Variety of analysis
  • Powered by USB interface

Price: 142,- € without VAT (172,- € including VAT)

Dostupnost:  2 weeks


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